Tuesday, April 1, 2014


what a day last week! poor Ty... a 5 year old boy who didn't have a good day. in the morning he had another boy scratch his nose up for no reason at all. poor thing, his nose was hurting so much. after that he hurt his hand on a toy car.... which did distract him from his nose. after that they had to sit still for an our cause the older kids had a preformance.
 then things got... weirder. they where a bit late going home for lunch, so the kids that ate in school (there own classroom) wheren't done at 12:15 when the go outside to play. and they there all a bit hyper from sitting still. now the woman I watch the children with (not the teachter but a vollenteer) is insane and was yelling at them to keep them calm and let poor Ty sit in the corner... way to long for a 5 year old. when he could sit on his own chair she asked 'what do you think about your behavour?' way to difficult for a 5 year old. poor Ty didn't know what to do cause he didn't wanted to sit in the corner again.so... then she pushed the kids out and should have been outside she kept walking back in class cause she wasn't sure I could handle 4 eating kids.... I normaly go outside with them and watch about 50 - 100 kids for 15 till 30 minutes.
 I've had enough and went to the woman who is a bit of a leader over the midday school lunches and told her, she's going to keep an eye on her now. I went outside and gave Ty a big hug... he deserved it... poor boy.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I gave up...

I don't know how but I gave up dreaming and just knew I was going to stay here being miserable my whole life... sad idea, I know. but then I don't know how (well maybe a good old granma fight) I got my fighting spirit back! by buying a closet... yea it's a strang one I know. im sorting out all this hobby stuff. I'm drowning in it.. which isn't really a good thing. so I'm getting a claoset to keep everything in and sorting out the junk. pretty much forsing me to choose betreen that is forsing me to choose where I wanna be. take a deep breath if you realise this doesn't really make any sense (I did). it's better then just breaking down and giving up right?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

so many changes

I'm confusig myself with the hobbystuff on this blog cause the tags arnt all there.... hmmm so I am making a second blog for the hobbythings so I can finally clear some stuff.. well pic's from my pc and I'll be a happy girl again. lol

Sunday, August 25, 2013

let's do this!

before's and afters!
kitchen cabinet:
before and after:
space under the sink in my room:
(the ducks are gone now)
storage in the kitchen:

much more room and the old paper/empty bottle baskets look so good on them.
the chair in the livingroom:

 mum said it had caracter (and Kelso's nails) on it,
I hated it and so...
yea for anyonme who hasn't figured it out yet...


and im back... way to late I know but im still sorting out pictures O_O I've got so freaking much of them, but i'll get it together... in the year 2097 :) so it's that to look forward too. shall I just get a view on here to start with?

anyway I had my 6 weeks school holiday and I finished most stuff I had to do in the house, sorted out the bike... box? wel the space downstairs where ppl keep stuff/ there bikes w/e... I also put everything I don't need anymore in boxes and brought it down, finished cleaning up the little hallthingy near the front door, put up a rack for mums puzzles (on the hottest day of the year for crying out loud... if I'm working I wont let anything stop me :) further we went to see monkey's in the Apenheul (a money park... so much fun they walk arround there, well the little ones do. to bad I had my little camera so the pic's are a little blurry but I'll show u some soon.
further I've been busy with work, being a volenteer at school... so yea nuthing's changed..  but it's been fun. so now I'm going to play in the sunshine with Kelso.. he keeps trowing a ball at me! lol

Friday, June 28, 2013

this arts amezing!!: click the pic's


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

we all have moments like this


Kingy's scared of Bambi

these animals look really pissed off (scroll down)

no idea what I was trying to do wih this post *blushes* but these links are fun!

blast from the past

Monday, May 13, 2013

wasn't here cause I was busy buying...

 got a new bag and got a free purse to go with it.
 so say bye to the other one, it's going to sleep for the winter
 also bought loads of mini stuff.

 big glue sold for less then the little one whooohooo.
 more mini stuff.

 I also got 2 choco bunnies from my adress.. isn't he a sweet man for doing that?
 oh I got a line a day book for 3 years. funfun and also a good reminder what happend that day.

 some mini stuff almost done.